Hi, I'm Allison Walton. I tend to be a contradiction in terms. I love getting dressed up, but I wear jeans (or yoga pants!) every day. I play soccer, but I own a tiara. I'm a Star Wars fanatic, but I read Jane Austen. I love Buffy, Nathan Fillion, and Gone With the Wind. Equal parts geek, jock, emo, and prep. My 3 great loves in the world are my husband Nick, my daughter Avonlea, and my Great Dane Waldo.

My photography style is much like my interests, which makes me perfect for the modern photography market. A little bit of romance, a little bit of tradition, a little bit of funkiness--exactly the edge I'll bring to your portraits! I adore natural light, and in Southern California, it exists in spades!

I started my business in Ohio in 2008, and in 2011 brought it with me to the Los Angeles area. I would love to serve you and your family here in Southern California!